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התכשיטים של עירית גופר

Posted on November 03 2020

התכשיטים של עירית גופר
AMARO is a private fashion jewelry company, designing and manufacturing since 1986. The founder and creative leader of the company is Irit Goffer Sasson. Mrs. Sasson has over 28 years' experience in jewelry design and is herself a live testimony that dreams do come true. Irit entered the world of jewelry and fashion from her deep love to the world of art, where she found a way to express her creativity. 
Mrs. Sasson has acquired her education in the Italian school of design "Istituto Europeo Di design" and has started as a small business from her home while raising her three kids. Steadily and gradually AMARO has grown into a successful international business, known worldwide.
The company started exporting its collections in 1999 and is today a chain of stores present in 21 countries worldwide
The expertise of AMARO is in designing unique sets of jewels inspired from ancient cultures, different religions and sources of feminine power in the various cultures. Its international nature is expressed in the materials used and the spirit in which they are combined. The materials arrive from all over the world. The jewels are set with natural stones that have energetic values, wild elements, such as corals, shells and bones and combined with Swarovski crystals. The combination of the wild with the processed material gives the jewel a unique and materially rich look, which is the main characteristic of AMARO. All the jewels are handmade, by traditional handiwork. Until today, just as when we started, the design and production of the jewels is executed in Israel, by hand.
Amaro is producing from Kiryat Atidim in Tel aviv, in a production plant which is 200 square feet and includes the marketing and assembling department. The production plant is employing 15 people working in producing, assembling and setting the jewelry.

The love of creation - Irit Goffer Sasson vision
"...The raw energy that motivates the first experience is of either Love or Fear..."
For over 23 years I have been leading the Amaro jewelry brand through the leading thought of love. The love for jewels and the passion to create turned from a hobby into an international business. Today, just as in the beginning, the design and production is made in Israel, by hand. The chain includes seven stores in Israel and is represented worldwide. The internationality of Amaro is in the materiel and spirit. The materials come from all over the globe. The jewels are embedded with stones with energetic value, wild elements such as corals, shells and bones combined with Swarovski crystals. The combination of wild with processed materials gives the jewel a wealthy and exceptional look, which is characteristic of Amaro. The annual collection designs, launched every winter and every summer are inspired by different cultures. The ideas for the designs are taken from history, the tribal and the ancient, as well as from spiritual world and are "translated" into a modern and fashionable look.
Different elements are used in the world as good fortune amulets, according to the different cultures. The jewels are abundant with such amulets of good fortune and other religious symbols. Such a clutter of elements is found in the bundle chains characteristic of Amaro. One outstanding such chain is the "hamsa" against the "evil eye" with turquoise stones.

Amaro jewels have an added value to them. Beyond their glamorous look they are enriched with precious stones in mesmerizing color and material wealth. The brand includes many and variant designs and every woman can relate to the jewels and through them enhance her inner and physical beauty, both.







I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my companions on this journey. All those who have touched me, whether slightly or deeply, in the different stages of my life – moving me and pushing me forward, opening doors into new places which I have not experienced before, To my partner, Aviad, and my children Stav, Magali and Yam. To all Amaro staff in Israel and all over the world, and to all those who love my work and acquire my jewels

Thank you
Irit Goffer Sasson

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