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The Energy in Quartz

The connection between the influents of a gem on a health, mental and self-development is different. In our body we have many different minerals, an imbalance which could be causing disease, bad feeling, nervousness and insecurity. The crystals are made from the same minerals- Using a Crystal containing the missing minerals can balance. The crystal hold energy, the type of energy depends on the mineral compound, the structure and the color of the crystal.  


Purify and gives energy to the emotional and physical body and joins them into spiritual energy.  The clear crystal reflects white pure light that can enter our thoughts, helps the third eye. Helps to concentrate and focus. Used as a general hilling stone, helps with pain and balancing the Chakras. 



Gives a sense of calmness, peaceful and flow. Brings peace, balances and cleans the energies. Encourages wholeness, loyalty and helps with focusing on targets. It can ease the breath of people who suffer from Asthma and allergies.



Gives a sense of calmness and serenity, can prevent anger and outbreak and can ease on depression. Decreases over sensibility and embarrassment. Represents faith, purity, innocence and generosity. It can ease on nightmares and can help with breathing.



Balances the center of energy in the body. Helps to open the third eye. Cleans and hills the spiritual understanding. Encourages self-willing and self-control. Increases the sense of courage, intuition and creativity. Can help with insomnia and can ease on headache, it can help with withdrawal from addiction.



The protector of energy- gives a positive prospective of life. Empowering your will and strongly recommended for passive people. Helps with pressure and despair. Helps with digestion and increases brain activity. 




Duality stone, can ease on guarding and understanding of life that one has chosen for itself. Helps with accepting changes and increases joy, happiness and confidents, reliefs stress and pressure. Helps with neurological problems by clearing the mind.



Protection stone. Increases the need to fulfill one-self and builds self-confident. Gives a sense of calmness and mental balance. Strengthens the body and balances the blood and can ease on breathing problems.



Encourages communication, spiritual awareness and showing emotions. Increases the ability of achieving goals and optimism. Decreases anger and gives a sense of serenity.



Increases communication, spiritual awareness and expressing ones emotions. Help with understanding others and encourages accomplishing goals and optimism. Minimis anger and gives a sense of balance and serenity.



Love stone. Teaches on to love itself and give more love for others, that way he will get more love for himself. The Rose Quartz teaches the person to forgive and not hold any grudges and vengeance. Improves self-image.



Increases determination, grounding and helps with self-control, easing on fears, despair, stress and depression. Strengthens the balance between the yin and yang, provides protection.



Good for balancing during changes helps to get rid of bad thinking habits. Removing bad energies helps with decision making. Balancing the bowel activity and muscles.




Good for balancing between the logic and the intuition, helps with keeping a cool mind and concentrating on solving problems. Empowering the body and mind, gives a sense of courage and strength.



Builds confides and self-esteem by inner meaning. Gives emotional stability. Encourages inner hilling, physically and emotionally. Helps with lowering fever and helps it case of flu.



Increases special talent and can help with self-hilling, physically and emotionally. Strengthens the inner light and the belief in God. Ease on stress, good for emotional balance. It can be used for any part of the body that one wants to thoroughly clean.



Increase the sense of decisiveness. Encourages perseverance, good with releasing stress. Strengthens a weak body. Help to develop physical and mental strength. Good for strengthen the stomach and the internal organs.



Intentional contact with the higher self, stimulates the third eye. Can be used as a mental and spiritual purification. Decrease the sense of despair, releases pressure and gives strength and wisdom. Builds up the immune system and can ease in case of headache.



Increases confidants, flow and communication. Helps with decision making, relaxing and is good for harmony and courage. Helps to find the inner peace and to get rid of negative thinking patterns. Encourages one to use his creativity. The Sodalite can balance metabolism and can help the body to lose toxins. 



The optimism stone, gives a sense of happiness, joy and fun, recommended for passive people.    Can encourage and ease on despair and sadness, minimizes anger and encourages polite behavior. Strengthens the heart and bones, gives energy and revives the body when needed.



The optimism stone, gives a sense of happiness, joy, fun, peaceful and relaxation, good for passive people. Consoling and helping with despair and sadness. Strengthens the heart and the bones, gives energy and revives the body when needed.



Dreams stone, helps with remembering dreams, evokes love, courage, modesty, righteousness and wisdom. Increases the ability to express yourself and gives one calmness and patience. Will ease on decision making and changes. Balance the heart emotionally and physically. Empower the heart, kidneys and the immune system.    



Increases flexibility, decreases stress. Increases the imagination and clears mental purity. Gives the sense of serenity, freshness, emotional mental and physical health. Decreases criticism and teaches forgiveness. Give energy to the heart chakra.



Helps with hilling and empower spiritual energy, strengthens the awareness in the spiritual aspect. Empower the heart chakra, releases one from hurting feelings and helps to forgive.



Builds up self-confidents especially regarding love while protecting one's emotions. Can ease on loneliness and good in circumstances where there is a need to feel powerful and loving. Increases optimism, self-esteem, awareness and confidence. Can ease in times of stress and embrace the potential in one self. Effect the area of the heart.


Giving strength and balance, as well as power and courage. Make one more serine and open to new ideas. Encourages perseverance and consistency. Good for releasing stress, helps to form a physical strength.




Gives a sense of happiness and calmness. Increase awareness and intuition. Strengthens the inner sight and with that letting us find the balance in our self-evolvement .the stone helps us in getting the right decisions and prevent us from making irrational decisions with bad outcomes.




The optimism stone, gives a sense of happiness, joy and fun, recommended for passive people.   Can encourage and ease on despair and sadness, minimizes anger and encourages polite behavior. Gives the sense of peace and serenity. Strengthens the heart and bones, gives energy and revives the body when needed.



Calming and balancing, can ease the pressure and increase independence. Decreases egoism and encourages giving. Strengthens the body and gives a sense of energy and optimism. Builds up the muscles and the nervous system.