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Delicate chain with a Central pendant

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Delicate chain with a Central pendant set with Swarovski crystals and Semi-Precious stones. From 'Green Planet' Collection ,Antique silver plated. A tribute to our blue planet which we are able to keep green enough by just take advantage of the resources and do not violate its balance stored on our lives. Given the political situation and the extremist terrorist groups in our days, we may understand the need for unity of all inhabitants of this planet, and to maintain it, we should all understand that our lives depend on each other and cherish the beauty of the earth by knowing is not unconditional, nothing lasts forever. Azurit is the central stone in this collection which reminds a variety of shades and textures emphasizes the beauty of the Earth from space. The stones that Participate in this collection:Azurite Chinese, Sodalite, Chrysocoola, Lapis, Blue Abalone, Jade Green.